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To find out exactly how far along you are, and when your possible due date may be, use our accurate pregnancy calculator. It allows you to customize the calculator according to your body. Once you are certain of how far along you are, you can continue on with the pregnancy stages to keep you updated and informed on what is happening to both you and your new developing baby. Create your personal Pregnancy Calendar and follow your baby's development from conception to birth. Our pregnancy calculator will calculate your estimated due date, the fetal age, which is the age of your developing baby as well as the conception date. This is also a great tool to use in conjunction with our detailed week by week pregnancy calendar. Our pregnancy calendar offers you a detailed week by week way to discover just exactly how you and your baby are developing during your pregnancy, right from conception all the way through to the birth of your baby. You may often hear the different pregnancy stages being referred to as the trimesters of pregnancy, and that is because your pregnancy is generally broken down into three distinct stages of about 13 weeks each. These are called the trimesters. There are many pregnancy symptoms and signs which may indicate that you are in fact actually pregnant. There are some signs that you are pregnant which are fairly obvious, such as missing your period, but even this may be caused by some other problem. There are also some pregnancy symptoms that are not as obvious, unless you are specifically looking out for them.

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